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Polish Tatra Mountains

Polish Tatra Mountains are an excellent base for hiking in summer and skiing in winter. The mountains reveal some of the top trails for hiking and can be reached from the lively town located at foot of the Tatra Mountains, Zakopane.
A cable car will take you up to, one of the most beautiful places in the Tatras: Mt Gubalowka, facing the amazing beauty of Zakopane.The other attraction of the region is a raft trip down the Dunajec river gorge.
Krupowki Street in Zakopane, will give you a chance to buy great Polish traditional souvenirs.

Stunning Small Towns in Poland

Six beautiful old towns in Poland, you might never heard of: Kazimierz Dolny, Malbork, Sandomierz, Nysa, Tykocin and Sanok.
Besides the popular, big cities of Poland, there are many adorable villages and small towns in Poland. These charming towns, can not be found in a guidebook and not every Pole know about them.
Do not wait to get to know them. Go off the beaten track today and fall in love with romantic towns of Poland, which inspire your travel.

Chopin, One of Warsaw's famous sons

The most outstanding Polish composer and pianist. Recognised as the most natural composer for the piano who ever lived. He composed primarily short works and his finest work is his 'Ballade No.1' in g minor. His grate name and achievements are cultivated at the Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw. The museum has two branches: Birthplace of Frederic Chopin, at Zelazowa Wola and Chopin Family Parlor, on Krakowskie Przedmiescie, Warsaw.

The European Bison

Poland is a paradise for different animals and extremely rare species of birds. The best known in Poland is European Bison, which is the biggest European mammal, weighing up to 800kg. European Bison is a symbol of Bialowieski Park Narodowy, listed on UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Bisons are naturally shy, but can be spotted at hay meadows and on fringes of the forest. While you are in Poland make sure to stumble across Zubrowka vodka, the Polish national firewater!

Polish beautiful golden autumn

There is no better time to explore colourful country of Poland than in autumn. The colourful changing surroundings are a feast for the eyes!

Where can you try an authentic Polish cuisine in Krakow?

Krakow is not only famous for its medieval buildings and its beautiful old town. The historic city attracts visitors also with its youthful restaurants, bars and cultural hangouts. Traditional Polish food is more and more recognised and loved by people from all over the world. Many restaurants in Poland have taken a modern approach to Polish cuisine, which translates to fun and vibrant dining experience.
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Krakow, the best city in Europe right now?

Krakow is probably Europe's best kept secret. It offers an unique and lifetime experience. Travellers can taste delicious food, admire beautiful scenery and learn history of Krakow and the rest of Poland, which has experienced tough time, but was still able to fight. Beautiful during the day and at night, loved and visited by many nations from all over the world. It should definitely deserve a title of one of the coolest city in Europe!

Poland: the land of lager

Poland makes amazing beers and they have been for centuries. Now, with all food and wine scene flourishing beer has generated more interest.
Poland has an expending craft beer scene with many delicious brew. You can try the most accessible flavours and work your way to the more adventurous styles.
If you want to experience how the beer is made and taste it direct from the source, make sure to visit: Browar Kociewski, Browar Ksiezy Mlyn, Browarmia Krolewska, Zywiec Brewery and Browar Warmia. 
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A local's guide to Poznan

Poznan is an extraordinary city, filled with unique places and attractions.
The billy goats at noon butting each other on the tower, St Martin's croissant, one of the most famous Polish pastries and the Old Brewery, a commerce and arts centre will allow you to enjoy your stay in Poznan to the fullest.
Poznan 10 top tips:

Warsaw Prague is among the 10 coolest neighbourhoods of Europe!

Great news! Warsaw Prague is among the 10 coolest neighbourhoods of Europe! The Independent, a British online newspaper loved its unique climate, old houses and new cafes. Warsaw Prague is home to the biggest market in the city - the artistic Soho Factory, Neon Museum, which has the world’s largest collection of Cold War-era neon and some of the best restaurants of Warsaw. A must-see on your visit to Warsaw!

Beautiful Castle in Książ

Książ is one of a kind castle. Set in a lovely nature park, with interesting history behind. A blend of many architectural styles, is the third-largest castle in Poland.

Wrocław's gnomes

Gnomes, or 'Krasnale', one of Wrocław's most popular attractions. New gnomes arrive every year, gradually populating more and more streets in Wrocław. People from all over the world are coming to hunt for them. Stroll around town and see how many of these merry munchkins you can spot !

Warsaw The Royal Castle Square

Visit Poland Warsaw The Royal Castle Square. Visit Poland your Destination Management Company in Poland. DMC Poland

Beskid Mountains Szczyrk

Visit Poland Beskid Mountains Szczyrk Destination Management Company DMC Poland

Gdańsk Old Town gallery

Visit Poland Gdansk Destination Management Company DMC Poland

Gdańsk Old Town

Visit Poland Gdańsk Old Town Destination Management Company DMC Poland

The Sopot molo

The Sopot molo. View from the lighthouse in Sopot. Destination Management Company DMC Poland.The longest wooden pier on the Baltic Sea, 511,5 m long.

Baltic Coast Chalupy Harbor

Visit Poland Baltic Coast Chalupy Harbor. Destination Management Company DMC Poland.